2014 Limited Edition Fairy Tale Zoo Gifting Tree!!

The New Year begins with a fairy tale in the new Gifting Tree! BOGO is back! Send Zoomates any of the 7 Ultra Rares animals and get it for yourself, free!

Keep the year even more exciting and get more because the Ultra Rares arrive to your Zoo in pairs! Be sure to start your Zoo off with a bit of magical flair!

Remember after sending your Ultra Rare gift, check your storage to see your free item! Remember any additional animals of the same will go to your count!
Be sure to check out the 2014 Limited Fairy Tale Ultra Rare animals animating below:
Gecko Musketeer, Golden Duck, Noble Fox
150_geckomusketeer 150_goldenduck 150_noblefox
Rainbow Koi, Red Hood Owl
150_rainbowkoi 150_redhoodowl
Royal Frog, Snow Alpaca
150_royalfrog 150_snowalpaca
– The Zoo Team

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