2017 Fabled Scandinavians Gifting Tree!! 04/06/17

Dr. Zoolittle’s adventure takes him back in the North European regions of Scandinavia, where he meets some of the legendary and mighty warriors! Come and join Dr. Zoolittle in this epic adventure!

Gift these mythical warriors to your friends as we bring the fourth Gifting Tree of the year!

BOGO returns for the new Fabled Scandinavians Gifting Tree! Send your Zoomates any of the 7 Ultra Rare animals and get it for yourself, FREE!

Remember each eligible BOGO animal will have the sticker next to it. The first 3 listed Rare animals do not apply for BOGO.

After sending your Ultra Rare gift, check your storage to see your free item! Any additional animals of the same will go to your count!

Be sure to check out the Fabled Scandinavians Gifting Tree Ultra Rare animals animating below:

Gullinkambi, Garmr

Ratatöskr, Sköll, Gullinbursti

Hábrók, Hoarding Fáfnir

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